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No proper tea in Brussels

Just back from a week in Brussels, I can finally imbibe what I have been missing for a full seven days – a cup of  tea.

Bussels may be a great tourist city in many ways, but it does fail on one count: they cannot supply you with a proper cuppa.

Firstly, the hotels seem to lack water kettles. Even hotels in Germany (for example Berlin) have water kettles, so I sort of assumed that Belgian hotels would have them.

Secondly, the coffee houses scattered around Brussels (won’t name any in particular, I tried most of them) make strange concoctions that are a far cry from anything I would have called tea. Being used to both the English strong brew and the Swedish not so strong brew has given me a spectrum of teas to compare with. The cups served in Brussels simply did not fit into this spectrum at all, anywhere. Way off the chart, you could say. For example, Earl Gray tasted like a muddy mixture of something, anything, except tea. And they didn’t even serve English Breakfast anywhere, as far as I could tell.

At least I have learned that I would, and could, survive one week without proper tea if I had to. But next time I think I will bring my own kettle and mug. Just to be on the safe side.


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  B-M wrote @

As far as I know there used to be something called “doppvärmare” in a small case one could bring on trips and travels. I´ll search for one…
Welcome back anyway!

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