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Violence shortens average US lifespan

Following the school shooting in Newtown (US) where 26 people (most of them children) died, the National Research Council and the Institute of Medicine (both of the US) issue a report showing that younger americans die earlier and live in poorer health than people in other developed countries such as Sweden, Canada and Japan, according to an article in the New York TImes. The research also notes that more younger people die from guns, drug addiction and car accidents than in other developed countries. (The research has also been noted by Swedish daily Svenska Dagbladet.)

“Something fundamental is going wrong” says Dr Steven Woolf who led the panel of experts that produced the report, adding that the problems are not to do with a particular administration or political party but rather “something at the core” of the US. Maybe liberal gun laws might be one of the contributing factors…now, there’s a thought.


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