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Towards increased efficiency – with to-do lists

Feeling burdened by a never-ending load of things to do? Don’t know how to get started, or where to begin?

Tom Stafford at the BBC writes on the psychology of the to-do list, and he discusses the success of David Allen’s book Getting Things Done which is a must-read for all those who feel they need to up their efficiency levels. I’m going to be cocky enough to admit I’ve already adopted some of the tricks that Allen mentions with his method, called GTD (for Getting Things Done). One of my own favourite strategies is that of breaking down larger tasks, e.g. fixing the fence, into smaller sub-tasks, e.g. call my friend Bertie and ask how he fixed his fence.

The book was first published in 2001, and for anyone not keen to read it from cover to cover, at least there is the article to glean for useful advice and some interesting psychological research.


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