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The author vs. the princess – some sense, at last

Two weeks ago, author Hilary Mantel gave a lecture at the British Museum, organised by the London Review of Books. Essentially, Mantel was discussing how the royal family and the media manipulate women and the lecture was also a call for media to restrain itself when covering the royals.

However, the Mail, the Independent and some other papers, including Swedish dailies Dagens Nyheter and Svenska Dagbladet, chose to interpret the lecture (if they read it at all, and did not just copy one another’s pieces) that Mantel was criticising Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Canbridge.

David Cameron, being about as sloppy as the media, did not bother to read the lecture himself, but simply chose to say that Mantel’s comments were ”completely misguided and completely wrong”.

At least one journalist, Hadley Freeman of the Guardian, took the time to actually read what Mantel had written and concludes that the media coverage of Mantel’s lecture was a story of lazy journalism and raging hypocrisy.


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