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On Jimmy Savile and investigative journalism

Josh Halliday of the Guardian tells of ex-policeman Mark Williams-Thomas who exposed Jimmy Savile as a paedophile through his ITV Exposure documentary.

The article is an interesting story of investigative journalism which Williams-Thomas now believes is at risk following the Leveson inquiry which brought to light the close relations between some senior Metropolitan police officers and tabloid journalists.

A more interesting point in the article is Williams-Thomas admitting that there was always the risk the film team would not be believed when bringing down the once hugely successful TV presenter Jimmy Savile. The fear was that following the broadcast of the documentary ”nobody was else was going to come forward. S a result of that the criticism was going to be massive: people were going to criticise me, the producer, ITV. There was a huge risk in terms of reputation for everyone involved.”

Fortunately, these fears have been largely unfounded. But it is a scary reminder of the power invested in famous and successful people.


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