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On philosphy in education


Hugh Schofield of the BBC reports on why France insists school pupils master philosophy, a very interesting piece indeed. This reminds me of Martha Nussbaum’s book Not for Profit – Why Democracy Needs the Humanities. It discusses precisely the need to extend general education to include subjects such as philosophy, rather than to simply focus on maths, technology and natural science.

The fact that France does require philosophy as part of its basic education might explain how it has yielded authors such as Jean-Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir and even more recently Caroline Fourest. One could ask, for example: would we have had Fourest’s important books on democracy, religion and equality if France had not required it’s pupils to master philosophy?


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  Daniel Sandström om att vara obildad | emmabayne wrote @

[…] skrev ju för ett tag sedan (på engelska) om filosofiundervisning i skolan (den franska skolan alltså) och hur man kanske kunde få fram fler (kritiskt) tänkande människor […]

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