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Archive for July, 2013

Storing solar energy

Solar energy is one of the renewable power sources increasingly used to cover our energy needs. But one of the big problems so far has been how to store the energy captured by solar panels. Now, the BBC reports on efforts to store solar energy with the help of salt solution.


Soapbox, dancing and science – and women

The BBC highlights SoapboxScience, a public science communication event that enables women scientists to communicate their research to a general audience, a bit like Speaker’s Corner, but with a science focus.

As interesting as the SoapboxScience initiative itself are the researchers involved in it. One of them is Dr Emily Cross, senior lecturer in cognitive neuroscience at the University of Bangor, and at the centre of the BBC report. She studies how our brains are shaped by experience when we learn complex actions or skills, such as dancing. Hence, she gets people dancing the macarena to illustrate how this action shapes our brains.