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Doris Lessing has died

Doris Lessing, Nobel Prize winning author of books such as The Golden Notebook and The Grass is Singing, has died aged 94.


Digital distractions have not ruined our attention spans

In the 1980’s, it was said that commercials interrupting TV series were reducing the attention spans of children.
Now, some 30 years on, Stuart Jeffries of the Guardian argues that we are not affected negatively by the digital distractions surrounding us (mobile phones, laptops etc.). He points at recently published books such as Eleanor Catton’s “The Luminaries” that is 832 pages long and Donna Tartt’s new novewl “The Goldfinch” that is 771 pages long, and goes on to cite the TV series “Breaking Bad” as one of several subtle dramas that do not insult their viewers’ intelligence.
So maybe there is hope for us all, after all.