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Older women – the pillars of society

Jackie Ashley of the Guardian writes about older women as the nation’s (UK) great untapped resource and the fact that Labour’s deputy leader Harriet Harman and Yvette Cooper have set up the Older Women’s Commission.

This is a brilliant move that ought to be adopted in other countries as well. Because let’s face it – where would any of us be if they hadn’t been around? That’s right – we wouldn’t have been around.


Cheating students on the increase, according to Dagens Nyheter

Lenita Jällhage & Jens Kärrman at Swedish daily newspaper Dagens Nyheter write about increased cheating in netbased education both at senior highschool (sixth form) level for adults and at university level.

Using web cameras and getting students to identify themselves at exams is one way of tackling the problem, according to the article.

It could of course be argued that cheating on a course or throughout an entire programme will ultimately hit back at the students concerned themselves. If you have not managed to produce the intended work yourself, however are you going to produce in accordance with your awarded degree later on in life?